How To Find Your Next Profitable Niche

If you have not done so already and you are new to internet marketing then please read about how you should choose a profitable niche. It will explain more about the basics of niches and the ideas behind choosing a niche for your website.

The idea around choosing a profitable niche is to find keywords or key phrases that have plenty of searches but few sites competing for these keywords. A keyword or key phrase is a word or more often 2 or 3 words relating to your niche. These are the words people type into search engines such as Google when they are trying to find a product or looking for information.

We want to research these keywords relating to our chosen niche but first we need to decide on what our website is going to be about. So to get a few ideas we are going to look at a site called SitePoint, here they list websites for sale. By looking at the listings we can see what sort of sites are making money.

How to get ideas for a niche

As you browse down the list of sites for sale you can start to get an idea of the type of sites you can create. We are interested in the ones that show they have earned revenue, preferably from Adsense. The Google Adsense program will be the main way you will start off earning revenue from your site. The reason for this is that it provides what are called contextual ads, this means that you will pretty much get targeted ads being displayed on your site with very little work from yourself.

As you scroll through the listing click on the sales that catch your eye and view the main sales description. There are two sections we are interested in which are revenue and traffic. We want to know that the site is consistently earning over a period of at least a few months.

Once we find earning sites we need to determine the traffic sources. Many sellers provide screenshot attachments that prove their traffic and revenue, if we click on these we can see in detail how much the site has earned and how much traffic the site is getting. In particular we are interested in the traffic sources, these are the main sources of visitors to the website. Traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Live, Ask, AOL and Bing all provide the sort of traffic we want. Search engine traffic provides good targeted buyers. There are lots of other sources of traffic but for now we are interest in most of the sites visitors coming from search engines.

One other important analytic to look out for is what is called referring keywords, these are the words and phrases visitors to the site have typed in to find it. Anytime you find a listing that has provided keyword search phrases or referring keywords treat this information like gold dust. Sellers should only really provided this information to serious buyers and not make it public. The reason for this is that we can use these keywords as a basis for our new site, this is great for us as we know exactly what people are searching for. So anytime you find this information keep a copy of it safe as it can be used in the future.

So this is one way of finding out what niche we should target. There are several different techniques which you can find out about here at Hubtonomy but this is a good no cost way to get valuable information. I have used this method several times to get ideas for sites that have gone on to make money, you can too.

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How To Choose A Profitable Niche

One of the things that can make or break a new site in terms of profitability is choosing the right niche. A niche in internet marketing terms is a way to describe the topic or subject that the site covers. So you may choose a niche on pets, pets is a broad subject are so you may narrow your focus down to small dogs.

These days because of the ever growing competition for people wanting to earn money online, internet marketers have been creating sites on a micro niche. So instead of settling on a site about small dogs you may instead choose small dog chews. The reason you have too choose a specific niche is that it is easier to dominate that area an end up with a high ranking site. This is mainly because the big players ignore the smaller niche areas because there is not enough profit in it for them, but for us it is fine as we do not have the overheads of the big boys.

Now you cannot just pick a niche out of the air, well you could but the chances of it being a profitable venture will be slim unless you are lucky. So what we need to do is built a site around a topic that does not already have a lot of competition but also has paying consumers. This increase our chances of ending up with a money making site.
How to Choose a Niche

So to get started we must first get a few ideas. If you have never created your own site before then I suggest you first read about starting your first website and then find out about choosing a web host and domain registrar. This is because if you are new to internet marketing then you really need to create a practice site first based on a niche you have an interest in or even better a passion for.

So onto getting an idea for a profit making niche website. On the internet it is best not to reinvent the wheel so a good place to start is looking to see what other sites appear to be doing well. One way to do this is to see what sites are currently being sold. There are places on the internet you can find websites for sale these include SitePoint, DigitalPoint and eBay. For now we are going to ignore eBay as there tends to be a lot of cookie cutter sites being sold, this means the same site is being duplicated and sold again.

We want to find out what sites are earning revenue, a website marketplace is good for this as the seller will disclose earnings. This at least shows us that it is possible to make money with this particular niche.

So hop on over to SitePoint and take a browse to get an idea of what is currently being sold. After that check out DigitalPoint, here they do not provide as much information on the sites being sold but it is helpful none the less. When you come back you should read about how to find your next profitable niche.

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Earn A Living Working From Home

As an internet marketing insider I get to see a lot of what goes on but more importantly I can mostly tell what internet marketers are up to and why they are doing what they are doing. I am not telling you this to boast, I am telling you this because it is an important skill if you want to earn a living working from home.
It is like those guys you see in the bookies, they are by no means book smart but they have developed a set of skills that allows them to make a good guess at when to take a punt. This is much like internet marketing, you first need to learn how the system works to get the best out of it. It will not only help protect you from the scammers but also allow you to get the most from your internet efforts.

How You Can Earn a Living from Home

There are at least a dozen proven ways I know of that you can implement to start you on the road to earning a full time income on the internet. The method I show you at Hubtonomy is a long term path to building a full time income.

I build websites and then monetise them with advertising. That is how many other stay at home mums, college kids, grandparents and people from all walks of life are earning money working at home via the internet. It is an economy that is growing every year and even through the recession.

If you are new to internet marketing then you may be thinking that you do not know the first thing about making a website. That does not matter, in fact building a website is now much easier than it has ever been to do. This is one of the skill you will learn among other, think of it as on the job training.

So why am I showing you how to earn a living online. There are several, everyday I see people splashing about on the internet ocean barely keeping there heads above water. They pay out good money in the hopes of being shown how to make thousands online. They try ultra low paid work such as getting paid to click, paid to read emails, filling in surveys amongst other only to get paid a pittance or not even get paid at all because the site disappears.

What You Will be Doing

You will be working for yourself, you will be self employed. You will be creating money making websites and earning revenue from programs such as Adsense among others.

What You Will Not be Doing

You will not be doing 10 minutes work and earning thousands. This is something that is long term and more importantly sustainable and scaleable. This means it is something you will build up over time gradually increasing your earnings and all the time learning new things to help improve your earnings.

What is the Catch?

There is no catch, there are several reasons I am doing this rather than creating an ebook and selling it. Other than a warm fuzzy feeling I may from time to time sell related products and services from this site, I do have a family to feed. I will not however be pushing the latest get rich scheme. I will only ever recommend or provides services that will genuinely help you and make your job easier and ultimately make you more profit.

The other reason it that its not nice being unemployed or stuck in a dead end job with an over demanding employer. Everyone should be able to make their own way in life, support themselves and their family as well as enjoy what they are doing. When was the last time you did some work you really enjoyed.

The more people that become internet marketers and work online the better. It seems a strange thing to say as really I am creating more competition for myself. If however you look at the other side of the coin we are creating more wealth and putting more money into circulation. Every webmaster and internet marketer needs to spend money on hosting, domain names, advertising and many other services. This all goes to creating wealth and work for others which in turn eventually comes back to us, kind of like karma.

So if you want your slice of the internet pie and start earning a living online working from home then you can start right now. You have no excuses as this site will guide you on your way as I reveal everything I know to get me where I am today.

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No Cost Way To Start Earning Money Online

To get you all motivated and turn that motivation into action I am going to show you how you can start earning from with zero investment and no webmaster skills. All it will need is your time. If you are serious about making a living working from home then you need to get started today.

You are going to be creating what are known as hubs, it is essentially a web page on a specific topic. Don’t worry you will not need to know how to create a web page as it is all done for you. You are then going to earn money by using Google Adsense to monetise your hub.

The first step is to sign up to create a hub, it’s pretty straight forward. You first create a profile which is basically a page about yourself, you can then create a hub which is a page about your chosen topic.

As we are going to be using Adsense to make money from the hubs you create you will need to sign up with Adsense. To be accepted into the Google Adsense program you first need a site, this can be your hub page, if it is then you should make it the best you can and probably create several hubs before you apply. If you already have an account with them then you are ready to go.

I would recommend you create your first hub around your passion or hobby, it will make it easier to write and will be good practice if you have never created a web page before. Once you go on to create more hubs you should do your niche research to find a competitive niche.

Why Publish on Hubpages?

One of the main benefits of becoming a hubber is that it makes it easy for you to publish content on the internet, no technical knowledge is needed. You can also earn yourself money, the revenue is split 60/40 with Hubpages as they have to cover their costs.

As they are a large internet presence when you use their service to create a webpage (hub) it has a greater chance of ranking higher in the search engines. This means more traffic to your hub and more advertising revenue for you.

Choosing A Web Host And Domain Name Registrar

There are two essential ingredients to any serious work from home internet marketing venture, your own hosting and domain name. Without it you will not be able to build a secure money making portfolio of web properties.

It is possible to earn money online using services that provide you with free websites however there are several downsides to this. Firstly you do not own your own site so if the company providing this free service disappears then so does your site. Secondly you will be limited to what you can do with this site which may limit its potential.

Choosing a company to host your sites with and choosing your domain names is an important first step. Once chosen this is not something that can be easily changed later and not without some effort. For this reason to start with I would recommend you choose an established company for your hosting and domain name.

How to Choose a Host

A web host will provide you with the hosting where your websites will be housed. Every site needs to be hosted so that it is visible to the rest of the world. I am using a company called Bluehost to host this website. They are on of the largest hosting companies on the internet and have been very reliable. Reliability is one of the most important factors when choosing a company to host your site. If your host is unreliable then this means your site will go down or go offline. This means that your site will essentially be invisible which means no site, no earnings.

Choosing a host such as Bluehost means that you can have as many separate sites as you want on one host. This means you only pay for one set of hosting and get to put many websites on that host. This is one of the features you should look for in a hosting company.

The cost of hosting tends to remain pretty constant, you can expect to pay about $7 a month. One thing you should know is that the internet economy is mostly run in United States dollars, it is just the way the internet economy has evolved. This is a very low start up cost to running your own business.

How to Choose a Domain Name Registrar

You will also need a domain name for your site, a domain name has to be registered with a registrar for you to use it. As with hosting I would recommend you choose one of the big players for reliability, remember this is going to be your livelihood.

I use a company called GoDaddy and have done so for about 4 years. To date I have never had a problem with them, not that you should. With a domain registrar you can choose a domain name for your site, every site need one to be found on the internet.

You can expect to pay about $10 for a domain name but as Godaddy is a large concern there tends to be a plentiful supply of coupons available on the internet which will usually knock a few dollars of the cost of a domain.

Starting Your First Website

As I have mentioned before setting up a website is nowhere near as difficult as it used to be. In fact once you know the steps most of the technical aspects are already done for you with content management platforms such as WordPress.
Why do I suggest you start off with WordPress. It allows you to create a site or a blog online relatively easily, it is freely and widely available. There is lots of information and support which means if there is something you want to do in WordPress the answer is not usually far away.

Now for a bit of a confession, I do not use this software myself. This may seem a bit strange but there is a good reason for this. It is easier for me to create, update and run my websites creating the code from scratch. This is because I already have the knowledge and skill to do this and it is what I prefer. For most of you however you can get the same results and cut out a lot of learning and hard work by using a pre-existing package such as WP.

Getting Started with Your First Money Making Site

One of the best ways to start learning is to jump right in, having the practical experience rather than just reading about it means you will learn faster. It also means you will have something to show for your efforts and help with your motivation and sense of achievement. Once you see you can do it for yourself you will be more inclined to find out more and progress more quickly.

I would recommend your first site be a bit of a learning experience more than a money making site. The reason for this is that even if you are an experienced internet marketer you will still experience failure. Having your first site fail financially will not only be disappointing but may also deter you from continuing on.

One of the golden rules of working for yourself earning a living on the internet is not to give up. You need a longer term view, you may not earn a penny for 3 or even 6 months but you will be building a virtual portfolio and learning all the time. If I had given up at my first failure I would not be earning a living working from home but instead be stuck in a dead end 9 to 5 or worse, unemployed.

Choosing a Niche for Your First Site

So what is your first site going to be about. At this point I would not worry too much about the niche. You will read a lot about the word niche as it is used to describe the topic of a site. It tends to refer to a tightly chosen niche rather than a broader topic, so you may choose the niche of leather hobo handbags rather than handbags. The reason to choose a narrowly focussed niche rather than a broad interest one is that on the internet much like the high street it is dominated by the big names. Would you rather be competing against a global corporation or a one man band.

As this is your first site it will be more to your benefit to choose a niche that you have a passion or interest in already. The reason for this is that it will be easier for you to write about it and create good insightful content.

So you are ready to get started, if you have not done so already you should read up about what you need to set up your own website. If you are ready to get started then find out how to choose a domain name and hosting for your site.

What You Need To Set Up Your Website

As I have mentioned before and explained why you need and website and what is involved in setting it up, this article goes in to more detail on exactly what you need to create your website.

There are essentially three components to having your own website. Each of these will allow you to have a visible site where you have complete control to promote the products and services that you will be making money from.

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Webite Design and Content

You can put a website online without having hosting to provide your webspace or a domain name to point visitors to your website. However this is the only way you will have full control over your site so this initial investment is essential. It is how most people doing internet marketing make their money and it is how I do it. There is a place for free websites but not here.

Domain Name

Every site needs domain name or as it is also known a URL, you do not really need to know what acronym stands for but you will need to know what it is. The URL, domain name or website address is how people find your site. Without it would be like having a business without a business name or phone number.
The domain name for this site is, it is the name or brand of this site. Individuals do not own these domain names out right rather you rent them. The WWW part is the same for all sites. The middle part, Hubtonomy is what you are naming your site, you can choose anything you want as long as someone else is not already using that name. Generally the shorter the better.
The last part of the domain name is what is known as the domain extension. The most popular of these is .com as it is globally generic. You can get extensions that represent different countries such as which represents a United Kingdom site. There are also many other different generic domain name extensions such as .net and .org.

The domain name is what people and other sites will use to find your site. If you put your domain name on your business card they could type the name into their web browser and your site will appear.

So depending on what country your site is targeting and what product you are promoting you would choose a domain name with an extension to reflect this. So if you want to promote blue widgets worldwide you could choose or something similar.


The reason you need your own hosting is that you need a physical space on the internet to put your website on. Hosting or webspace is usually is rented by the month or year much like a shop owner would rent premises. This is where your website design and content will be placed so it can be viewed by all.
You can rent web space from a host in any country in the world. However you may want to consider renting space on a host located in the same country if your product or service is country specific. If the product is just as relevant to a US consumer as much as a UK or Australian the US hosting would be best. This is because if you are English speaking the United States will probably be your biggest market.

Web Design and Content

Once you have your domain name and hosting you can start setting up your site and creating the content. The easiest avenue for most new webmasters and internet marketers is to use a system called WordPress. The reason for this is it is releatively easy to set up and once you get the hang of it it will be easy for you to create additional sites.

Most hosting services these days provide a way to easily set up a WordPress powered site using Fantastico or a similar service provided by your host. This means that although the first site will be a bit of a steep learning curve it will be a lot quicker and far less painless than other methods.

What Is Involved In Creating A Website

The internet is made up of millions of websites, each site has been created by someone, the term to describe these people are webmasters. This is a quite a broad term and can encompass someone who has made their first site with the help of some software that helps automate the process. All the way to a webmaster who understands the coding behind creating pages on the internet.
The important thing is that you will at some point need a website. You can still earn money and work online without a site but most people will need to create their own website. I would recommend that you create your own site so you get to learn how the whole process works. This understanding will help you in the future when you come to buying or selling a site or indeed changing and updating your own sites.

So why do you need a website? You should think of a website as your shop front on the internet although it will appear and act more like an online magazine. Even though you may not necessarily be selling anything directly you need a way to get your sales message to the public.

Websites Explained and Yhy You Need One

Your site will be your opportunity to convince others to buy the products or services you are promoting. You can place your own adverts on your site or you can even sell your advertising space to others. Either way it is your real estate or virtual slice on the internet.

Creating the website itself is your first challenge. A site is made up of two parts, the design which incorporates the layout, colour scheme and physical look of the website and the content which is the text and articles you will be writing. Out of those two the most important is the content, there is no point in spending time making a site look pretty if no one is going to see it so you need content.

Fortunately setting up a site is much easier these days, you no longer have to start from scratch. There is software available that can manage the design for you so you just need to create the content. Probably the most popular amongst webmasters right now is WordPress as it does most of the hard technical work for you.

The term website covers lots of different types of sites, the generic website which is similar to the one you are reading right now and blogs. Blogs are like ordinary sites but tend to have a particular layout style and content is organised using dates much like a diary. You can however use software or content management software such as WordPress to create what are known as static sites, again much like this site.

My advice would be to start of using WordPress for the simple fact that it is relatively easy to use and is freely available at no cost to you. You will find that it can be easily set up through your web host which is what we will cover later. Whilst the website will be the visible shop front people will see you will also need a host to provide you with web space to locate your website on. You will also need what is called a domain name, this is like your shop name and allows your site to be visible to the world.

The Internet Economy Explained – How You Will Make Money

The first thing you need to understand is how you are going to make money working from home using the internet as what is known as internet marketing. The very fact that people buy online means that you can make money too and most of it will not be from you directly selling to others.

Access to the internet and the relatively low start up costs means that almost anyone can start making a living entirely online. The only thing stopping you right now is not knowing how to start and not understanding how it all works. On the internet knowledge really is power, being internet illiterate means you are likely to either get ripped off or spend your money on something you cannot really use.

So to start off you need to know how the internet economy works. When you first open your web browser a web page probably appears, more than likely it is that of your ISP, the company you pay for internet access or Google. This is how most people start off their internet surfing session.

How Money is Made on the Internet

You will most likely type in a search phrase for the thing you are looking for, say for this instance how to make money online. You will then hit search and a list of relevant sites will appear. You will also notice lots of ads on the page, you may not even realize some of the ads are advertisements.

Guess what, someone is paying to have those ads displayed to you and someone is earning revenue for displaying those ads. That is the first way and most popular way internet marketers make money, they have a web site and sell advertising.

You may well click on one of those ads as it piques your interest and you will arrive at another website and they will certainly be selling something. This is another way you can earn money on the internet, by selling.

The site may talk about a particular product which you think is great so you click on a link and are taken to a sales page or a pre-sell page. This is where you will be convinced that this product is for you as it will solve your current problem. Now you may buy the product and the seller of course gets the revenue from this.
What you may not realize is that the first link you clicked on was what is called an affiliate link. This is a link that directs you to a product but the person who created that link on their web page makes a commission if you then buy the product they are promoting. The affiliate link may also earn a commission for just sending you to the site or if you filled in fill in some details when you arrive at the site.

So you can see how it is possible to earn money, you do not have to actually sell a product yourself. You could just promote other peoples products, this means you do not have to have lots of inventory or stock which also means you do not have to initially outlay lots of money to get started.

How To Determine If A Niche Is Profitable

There is no point in creating a site based on a niche that will not make you money. If you choose a topic that already has lots of competition or nobody searches for it then it will be a waste of your time. A great learning experience maybe, but still a waste of time.

The techniques used to determine niche profitability vary as every internet marketer has a different method. There is no right or wrong way but I have found following these steps gives me a good idea of which keywords will work best.

So you must first have an idea of some niche keywords, if you have not done so already you need to brainstorm and do some research on how to choose a niche and find a profitable niche. Once you have done that you can take the next step and run the numbers.

Determining if Keywords are Good

There are several statistics I look at to determine if I should develop a site around a keyword or not. Whilst this is not a foolproof method it sure does improve your chances of striking keyword gold.

Keyword Competition

We need to know how many sites out there are already seriously targeting our keyword. A figure of zero would be great but is very unlikely. For this go to Google and type in your keyword phrase and add quotes around the phrase, that’s shift and 2 on your keyboard.

Depending on which country you are based in you will see the results of your search. If you are targeting a specific country you will need to search using the country specific Google site. A great free tool I use is a Firefox extension called Google Global, it allow you to switch between different country specific versions of Google.

Keyword Searches

For searches I use the Google keyword tool, this provides information on the number of searches by people using the Google search engine. Whilst not exact they are generally good enough for our purposes.
First we need to select the country we wish to target and then type in our keyword and click get keyword ideas. Once the results appear change the match type to exact and then peruse the results. Our key phrase should be the first on the list followed by a list of related terms. We are interested in local search volume as the global figure applies to all searches in all countries.

Competition Ratio

This is a ratio to give us a comparable number to compare competition and searches. To do this I divide the keyword competition figure by the keyword searches figure, the lower the resulting number the better as this means that there is less competition for our key phrase.

Competition Strength

We also want to know how strong our competitors are, we are going to stand more chance against small obscure sites than we are against corporate titans. To do this you can simply look at the first page of results in Google we used earlier for keyword competition.
For this method I now look to see if the sites are using our keywords in their titles, descriptions and URL. You can also check to see if the site is a big name site that has lots of pages dominating Google, the number of back links to their site and the Pagerank of the site.

You will eventually develop your own method for judging the competition as you develop your researching skills. There is no one specific way of doing this but I find looking at these stats do help.

Commercial Intent

Microsoft has a tool that gives the probability of the commercial intent of any given keyword. This means we can tell if someone searching using a specific keyword or phrase has the intention to buy. The higher the probability the more likely they are a buyer.

This is useful to us as it gives us an idea as to whether or not a visitor is going to buy something or click on an ad and therefore make us money. It is better to target keywords that are commercially viable as we want buyers not just visitors to our sites.

Google Ad Prices

Another factor to consider is whether or not there is any money in the words and phrases we want to target. A search on Google will show if there are advertisers for you keywords but to find out how much they are worth we need to go back to Google’s keyword tool.

If you select show all columns you will reveal the estimated average cost per click column. This gives us an idea of how valuable the traffic is for your niche, the higher the value the more coveted the traffic is for this niche. We only intend to use this to compare our chosen keywords against each other to give us an idea of how valuable they are. Please keep in mind high value keywords will naturally have more competition and less traffic and so make it harder to make money from these niches.

Bringing it All Together

I keep all this data in a spreadsheet, this makes it easier to compare and analyse the results on a single screen. It is a time consuming job to bring all this data together but it has to be done otherwise you will likely be chasing the wrong niche keywords.

There is software available that helps to automate much of the donkey work. I have been using a niche finder tool that greatly speeds up the process. It is a pay for piece of software but well worth the investment. However it is best you do not buy it until you are sure that internet marketing is something you want to do.